Thought Is Energy That Affects Physical Matter

Thought Is Energy That Affects Physical Matter
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If every thought is energy and reaching forth or if we take it down to another level, and move out of the old science of 350 years ago of Isaac Newton, where the only thing that was real is what you can observe with the five senses, but we take it to the quantum world view of the last century, we know that particles communicate instantaneously anywhere in the Universe.

And we also know that once two particles have connected, they always remain connected, so our particles connect through time and space and it’s irrelevant to time and space.

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Thought Affect Your Body

Every thought we’re having, and it’s been substantiated by countless research studies in this century about how our minds are affecting something apart from us.

They affect blood cells, blood pressure, we know that they affect what we call physical matter, and that’s not so hard to believe when we think of all this matter that we think of is so real is mostly empty space. Fact is hardly anything there. 

It’s our bodies are 99.999% up to space, and how could that be when they seemed so solid?

I’m not going to walk in front of a car to prove that, but on the other hand we know that, with that into space when I think of those diagrams we all saw as kids and science classes of atoms, and it looked like a universe there with electron and proton and neutron, moving around like a planet so revolving around the Sun, we think about that that’s mostly empty space, and now we know even further that those electrons and protons and neutrons were not matter either.

There just electrical charges and impulses that were being given forth, and they look like matter.

That’s maybe what it means when we say so much of the world is just our illusion, maybe we’ve made up so much more than we realize?

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