How to Control the Mind [The Mind Has to Learn to Be Quiet]

How to Control the Mind [The Mind Has to Learn to Be Quiet]
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So, the question is “How to control the mind?”

First, we have to understand what the mind is.

The mind is a constant chatter of thoughts.

It’s always doing that, no matter what you say.

The mind is constantly talking.

What we have to realize is, that is the job of the mind.

The job of the mind is to remind you of stuff.

Mind Is Your Servant Not Master

Mind Is Your Servant Not Master

When you wake up and the mind tells you what you have to do, you should say “Thank you”.

That’s quite a useful servant that you have.

But, mind should be a servant not a master.

When the servant comes and shows you your itinerary for today, you don’t start bowing down to the servant and saying, “Thank you, I’ll just follow whatever you say”, you say, “I’ll take that and then I’ll decide what I need to listen to”.

Your mind is a personal assistant.

Let it be an assistant.

You’re Mind and You Are Not the Same

You’re Mind and You Are Not the Same

But the mistake that we’ve done is we’ve said, “I am the mind”.

Whatever the voice is saying, “This is me, that’s my voice”, that’s not your voice, that’s the voice of the mind.

The voice of the mind is in you, the mind is talking all the time.
Hint: (If so, use it in your benefit for self-esteem affirmations)

We have to distinguish between the “Mind” and “Me”.

Step Closer to Controlling the Mind

The first step to controlling the mind is first to create a distinction between me and the mind.

I know, that’s very hard to do, but now aware of the phenomena of chattering mind, you’ll don’t allow your mind to dictate to you what you should be doing.

You saying, I’m doing what I tend to do, and the mind will keep reminding yourself saying: “Hey you’ve been doing this for five minutes now, stop there’s more interesting stuff to do!”

That’s the mind trying to regain control, and then it says: “Okay it’s been ten minutes come on man, it’s been ten minutes, stop!”

Because the mind has got used to being your master, so the mind is getting frustrated, but this guy’s no more allows to be mind distracted like before.

The Mind Has to Learn to Be Quiet


It’s like you have to say to the mind: “Sit!”, like on a dog, “Sit, I will talk to you when I’m ready to talk to you, stop barking!”

Permanently creates distractions.

Control the mind is first you need to do, then to decide which of the things your mind tells you, you’ll listen to.

Don’t Believe Everything You Think

There a saying: “Don’t believe everything you think”.

Everything that your mind says, doesn’t have to be followed.

For example, you’re sitting quietly and enjoying the moment, and then somebody pass in front of you, your attention immediately goes there.

“Oh, what is he wearing?”

That’s the mind, that’s what the mind does, the mind’s job is to say is: “There something “more interesting or important” out there!”

The mind isn’t trying to be quiet, yeah?

The Mind Trying to Help and Distract in Same Time

The Mind Trying to Help and Distract in Same Time

The mind is just in fact it’s a really useful tool, because the mind is always looking out for you, like: “Is there any danger here”, “Is there anything that I need to worry about”, that’s the job of the mind to be stressed, “Is there any danger coming, do I need to protect this body in some way?”

Is trying to help you, but in doing that it’s distracting you.

So if somebody comes it grabs your attention for a moment, your choice at that point is do I need to jump on that.

Do I need to listen to that thought?

Then you’ve just listened to what the mind is saying, the mind is done what it always does, it’s doing that stuff but you are following the mind.

Your decision is do you really need to follow the mind.

You’re doing your job, then the mind says: “Hey look at that person!”, you say: ”No thank you, I’m here, doing my job, I’m not interested in”.


There’s a choice, but that choice is not easy that doesn’t come straightaway, it takes time.

You have to realize, you have a choice to listen to the mind or not.

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