We strongly believe that thoughts affects our entire lives in every possible way. Mind Deployment

Thoughts are the activities of our minds, that go on throughout the day.

It’s that chatter that we listen to.

Social psychologists tell us we have one whale of a lot of thoughts.

Some studies show that we have 24 – 28 thousand thoughts a day, some as many as 70 – 74 thousand thoughts a today.

It depends on how we define thoughts.

But what that means simply there’s a chatter going on in our minds all day long, and most of that chatter is what we might call the ego-voice, that leaves us much more into pain or suffering, fear, takes us away from our centeredness, takes us away from peace.

On the other hand, there’s another voice that is there but it’s not so present, it’s not so easily available.

It’s like quieter voice, it’s often been referred to as that still small voice, it’s the one where we only hear it if we quiet down that chatter in our minds.

So that’s a necessity for all of us, to be in tune with those thoughts, and those thoughts are really quite important, because every thought is always creating an effect.

In fact, there’s no such thing as an idle thought.

You can’t get put in jail for what you’re thinking, the fact is you may not get put in jail but it can cause all sorts of problems.

They can cause problems in our bodies, because every cell listens to every thought that we think, every thought that we think changes our body chemistry which is an emotion, and that emotion goes and communicates through the cells and we have happy cells or we have sad cells or we have jittery anxious cells in the body.

Those thoughts don’t just stop there, they’re not encapsulated in the skull, they’re reaching out to the whole universe and everybody around us having affects.

Every thought is a very powerful as a source of creation.

Back to even allow the creation stories we have throughout history and bears cultures, portrays God is speaking or having a thought, and in the Jewish Christian tradition and God said “let there be light, let there be firmament“, those kind of things that’s what was in that creation myth.

All that means is that, how does how does creation begin?

It begins with a thought, it begins with that kind of word, or by the Christian Bible. “In the beginning was the word“, that is a thought I thought begins everything, and thought determines the emotions we feel, the determines the actions we take, it determines how we perceive people and so it affects our entire lives in every possible way .

So, now, when we know this, think twice where you deploy your thoughts.

Happy Mind Deployment